Happy New Year 2016

We haven’t been blogging very much as too many things of interest on Facebook, etc but we wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2016.  We hope it’s a good year for you and that you all keep up your wonderful miniature work.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to wish our customers, old and new, a very Happy New Year.


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We went to York Miniature Show last Sunday, 7 June 2015 and it was a really nice show.   Got quite a few items including the wonderful 1/24 scale retro caravan kit from Petite Properties – can’t wait to get started on this one.

We went to one of my favourite stands – Delph Miniatures and got the most wonderful surprise!   I had asked Kathy and Margaret a while ago if they could make a 1/12 scale telescope for Lake View as one of my other passions is astronomy.  And here it is – I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since last Sunday.  The telescope is perfect and it actually moves round – and it fits perfectly into Lake View.




Dollhouse Exhibition at Newby Hall

There will be a permanent display of houses by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick at Newby Hall, Yorkshire, UK and I for one am really looking forward to seeing this.

I thought I would combine a visit there with a visit to the York Dolls House Show on Sunday 7 June 2015 if we have time although it might be quieter during the week.   Newby Hall is a lovely place to visit even without the excitement of seeing the wonderful creations by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick.

Here is the link for the exhibition 

My Work in Progress!

I thought I would show you what I am working on.

Hubby and I managed to get to Miniatura.  We arrived in pouring rain and it was very windy!!  We had a good wander round and I purchased some great items for my modern 1/12 scale house Lake View which is a long-term project.   I love the work of Truly Scrumptious and spotted two old-fashioned car badges – AA & RAC ones.   I knew instantly I was going to buy them!   I’ve put these in two frames I got from Mitchy Moo Miniatures and the frames are in the top room of Lake View along with a fabulous chair from Mitchy Moo and the crate which I turned into a coffee table by putting a slice of blue agate on the top.  I will eventually get round to putting a light inside.
I had also ordered a floating island and pop up socket from Elizabeth at ELF Miniatures.  The floating island is partially built and fingers crossed I get it finished this weekend.   Looking forward to seeing it lit up 🙂   Lake View is nowhere near completion.  I would like to change the lounge as I’m just not happy with some of the furniture so am saving up at the moment for something different. We still need to put up the cooker extractor fan in the kitchen and some floating shelves.
Upstairs room

Upstairs room





The first two photos show the top room in Lake View which isn’t complete and the second one shows the lounge in Lake View with one of Jen Smith’s wonderful fireplaces and on the mantelpiece is a lovely small house with a star on it which I purchased from Jane Harrop at Miniatura (I bought two and one is in the dining room which has a moon on it – these depict my love of astronomy!)
When hubby and I were walking around we kept coming back to Petite Properties stand where I kept looking at the new 1/24 scale Pumpkin Cottage and in the end I just had to buy it.  I’ve never done anything smaller than 1/12 scale so this was a completely new venture for me (or us!!).  I can’t tell you how excited I was!   Every time we go to a fair I always stand and admire Petite Properties houses, furniture, etc but kept thinking they were too small.  So far it’s only in the painting stage and it’s taken over our dining room table!!  We will hopefully do a dry build this weekend to work out where to put the lights (I’ve already had some good advice on this).  What I definitely know is it won’t be the last piece I buy from Petite Properties – I’ve already made a list!!
Like all miniaturists I have other work still in the flat pack stage.  Last year I purchased one of the fairy mushroom houses from Ted at Dolls House Concept. I bought my Wee Witchy Cottage from Ted and he was very accommodating in the changes I wanted and also with the lean-to I later wanted for it.   I have changed my mind so often on what this little round style house was going to be but I’ve finally decided and I think it’s going to look quite different from the original!

Winners for the Shapeways 3D Printed Miniature House Contest

This was a competition run by Shapeways in conjunction with another of my favourite blogs, Modern Mini Houses.   It was to showcase the work of 3D printing and how useful it can be in the miniature world.  The contestants could use their own creations or purchase creations.   The judges included Megan Hornberck of Mini Modern Houses, Carol Mitcheson of Mitchy Moo Miniatures and Kacie Hultgren of Pretty Small Things.

The winners have been announced and you can see their wonderful creations here  and here at Modern Mini Houses and you can also see the other entrants here at Modern Mini Houses where Megan has given some more information about each entrant.  Congratulations to all the winners and also to all the entrants who entered but were unsuccessful – some amazing mini scenes.

It must have been very hard for the judges – I wouldn’t have wanted to do it 🙂   Photos are from Shapeways



New Series Part 2 – some favourite Blogs

Following on from my earlier post about favourite blogs, I thought today I would post a few more for you. As they say in the TV shows ……. these are in no particular order!

Make yourself a nice cuppa and sit awhile:

  • Otterine’s Miniatures – Brae’s blog is so full of information and beautiful creations – I always find myself smiling when I see a new blog post

  • Miniatrymama – this is one of the first blogs I discovered in blog land and I love her work.
  • Mouses Houses – beautiful photos and videos of wonderful mice!   I just want a mouse!!
  • Tee Bylo Mini Design – #MiniMayhem – You can find her Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, etc. Her writing is wonderful and her miniature creations are as well. (I’ve put the links up for both Blogger & WordPress)

New Series – My Favourite Blogs

Thought I would start a series on my favourite blogs and please feel free to suggest more – I love sitting with a cup of coffee reading through blogs especially when the weather is not so great.

My two choices today are:

  • Mitchy Moo Miniatures – Pepper makes the most amazing miniatures (and I can vouch for that first hand as I have some of her wonderful items in my Lake View house).  I love Pepper’s creations.


  • Poppy Patchwork – Marlene’s blog is not about miniatures though she does do dolls house miniatures – it’s mainly about her wonderful sewing creations, her garden , her family and general life.  We also sell Marlene’s rugs and I have one of her beautiful rugs in my Lake View House as well as one in my Wee Witchy House.  I also have one of her lovely crocheted bed blanket in my Wee Witchy House.

An Inspirational Contemporary Dolls house

I spotted photos of Marion Russek’s beautiful contemporary house and I had completely forgotten that I had posted a video some time ago!!!  I think I can safely blame stress for being forgetful – although I kept thinking this morning it looked familiar 🙂    Marion has done the house in a contemporary modern style which I just love (I love all periods and historical creations but contemporary modern is my all time favourite).  As I watched the video and looked at the photos again today I just fell in love with this house and its inspired me to finish my modern house (or at least start work on it again!).  Every time you watch the video you see something new and I thought it was worth sharing again with you.

Here’s the link – and as I always say, make a cuppa and sit down and enjoy :

Miniature Gardening

I am sure many of you will have seen articles on Steve Wheen, The Pothole Gardener but if you haven’t then here’s the link to his blog.  You will also find him on Facebook.   He started when he was doing his Masters in Design and normally uses potholes on pavements and not roads.

Below is one of his creations taken by a photographer called Jonathan Perugia


The Pothole Gardener taken by Jonathan Perugia

I’ve been interested in miniature gardening for quite some time but have yet to make a start but I think this year I’m going to do it.   I’ve got some nice pots outside and a very old stone trough that belonged to my in-laws and I only use it for herbs so this year I think a quick revamp is called for.   These miniature gardens just seem to me to be the perfect extension to miniatures!

There are a lot of blogs out there if you google miniature gardens but be prepared to realise that you’ve spent the best part of a morning sitting at your computer!  The Miniature Garden Shoppe is quite informative as is The Mini Garden Guru

miniature garden 2 (25)

Google Images The Miniature Garden Shoppe